Wednesday, January 23, 2019

online earning software[blogger]

Blogger is software where you can easily create your own blog. Millions of users are creating blog every day for earning money ones it ranked then you will earn millions of money in every month.
What actually blog is?
Blog is a program where you can write on a specific topic and you will post regularly informative articles on the specific topic. Initially you plan what to post and how your content should be?
First of all you should research on the topic which you want to publish, collect effective information related to the topic then write on the topic and your content should be organic.

Guys copy past system is not acceptable in blog all the articles should be organic not copy pasted. Unfortunately if you copy from Google or any other search engine then your blog will not be rank. Dears you should care about this and don’t follow this technique.

How to create blog?
It’s very easy to create blog. Initially you search this website on the search engine  then the page of blogger will be open and you should click on the create option before create blog you should create your Gmail account then create blog after creating blog it will ask you about your title of your blog e.g. software’s club, I tech, below the title bar you should put address related to your When your blog will create then initially you set the theme of your blog that should be attractive.

After creation of blog it’s very easy to publish post on your blog. When you post an article then you should optimize your post on search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) share you posts on different social media websites for marketing. If you post regularly and optimize it in search engine then your earning will be start. When you continue the same struggle then you will be a success blogger.

                         click here to start your own blog
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

candy crush saga for android-2019 download for free

Candy crush is the most popular game in the world this is utility application software this software was developed in 2012 by software developer. This software is very difficult to play it has become competition on the internet. Many people had continued this game with Facebook to update their friends about their good performance. This is very intellectual game which makes mind sharp this game is supported for android mobiles. Many other applications are updating every day related to this application and have the same features with little difference. People are playing this game in their pleasure time. But many people are playing this game with full interest.

Candy crush is available for free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google play store in the internet. This software supported for 4 to up version of android mobiles and also supported for windows 7, 8, and 10. By play this game our IQ will build.
This game has too many levels and no one had guessed its total levels, but its levels are continuing toward. Each level has moves, with in specific moves you should have to complete the level otherwise the game will be over some time it gives few minutes for completion of this game. Initially each levels has five lives by playing this game perfectly the lives will remains same and for good performance there is different bonus points and gifts.

Many people are playing this game online where no concepts of lives but you constantly play this game online. By connecting this game with social media websites you will able to chat regard this game with those friends who are playing this game online and you will be able to get help from your friends on the internet who are playing this game online.



Sunday, January 13, 2019

free download/install zapya for android-2019

Zapya is a file transferring and sharing application software work without internet connection. Zapya is peer to peer network available on Google play store. Zapya is a shareware software available free of cost at Google play. This software works at a limited time period after certain time period it will be expire; it can be updated through internet. This useful software was developed by chine’s software developer.

This software is popular in chine’s neighboring countries. This is very useful software to transfer large quality of data at a high speed. The best feature of Zapya is that you can transfer videos, images application software such as games android apps at high speed.

This software will allow connecting in group or two devices each other for transferring data at high speed. This software is supported for windows and android mobile. This software saves your precious time and makes your work easy.

How to transfer data from this software:

  • Initially open this software
  • After opening this software there will show two options, create group and join group here in this option you should select one option and the second one should select the other option. Then you accept each other in the group.
  • After joining in the group there is fallowing techniques to transfer data. If you are transferring data from your storage you should select the data and press the send button than the data will transfer.
  • Fetching is the best feature of sharing data here you go the fetch button and select the data which you want.

Some peer to peer file transferring and sharing software’s are related to Zapya are as below:
  1. Sherit
  2. Bluetooth and many more 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Google play download apps for android

Google play store is one of system software where billions of software’s, social applications and games are available some of them are available at high cost but many software’s are available for free of cost. This web site was developed by software developer Google in 2012. This software is available on some android mobile sets but many mobiles had not this software. When they need this software they feel confuse that how they can fulfill their requirement?

Here I will tell you where you will find such software’s. guys whenever you need such software’s  you should go to the search engine and type Google play store then the page will open and you open the Google play website where approximately billions of software you will find. The top of the Google play there is a search bar where you search that software’s which you need. 

This website is called the most popular website as like Facebook and Google chrome. In this website you not only find android apps but you will find all types of software. The website of Google play is

Some best features of Google play store are as under:
  • It’s a platform where you find billions of software, games and web applications
  • Search bar is the most important feature of Google play store where you can find the specific software among the billions of software at a few seconds.
  • The downloading button is the best feature of this website because when someone wants to download software from this website so they can easily download it by pressing the download button.
How to download applications from Google play store…?

If you want to download software or any web application from the Google play store so it cannot be download directly from this website or software, but  initially you must sign up in Google play store after verification of your account then you can easily download software’s from this website.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

free download instagram for android 2019

Instagram is a social media website where people sharing pictures and videos. Instagram is considered as a freeware application available for free of cost work work for unlimited time period. This web site is not popular as compare to Facebook. This digital social media was assigned in 2010, developed by software developer and gradually this application will become popular. This software is available on the Google play store. If you want to download this application you must sign up in Google play store.

Many people’s are using this social application for the advertisement of their products or marketing their business. Now a day’s its competition generation so by the help of such digital social media they are marketing their products’ and advertising their business.
Some peoples are using such useful website for their pleasure but they didn't know about their actual use. Billions of peoples are using this digital social media by sharing pictures and videos some peoples are sharing informative articles in this application.

                                         Interaction with different people

Three best features of instagram are as under:

  • Sharing is one of the best features of article instagram when you post an attractive and informative article on instagram. Fortunately when someone share you post on instagram then your post or your will become famous in digital social media.

  • Follow is also one of the best features of instagram to add your families and friend on this social media website. By sharing informative and attractive posts your followers will increase.

  • Storage this is also perfect feature of instagram where you find many old posts e.g pictures, videos and articles.

This website is supported for both PC and android mobile.


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

whatsapp app for android 2019 free download

Whatsapp is a social web site used for communication. Whatsapp is a freeware application software available for free of cost supported for android mobile. This social app can be downloaded from the Google play store where billions of software’s available. Such software’s can be easily downloaded from the Google play store.

Features of whatsapp

Messages: it’s the best feature of whatsapp where the user can fastly communicate with the other without disturbance. The user can communicate through different ways like voice message which is clearly approach to the other person. The second way is text which is the fastest way of communication which will approach to the other in a few seconds.
Video conference: video conference is the best feature of whatsapp where you can chat with other by face to face at the same time. As when our relative or nearest one can go somewhere so at that time when we chat them through video chat then we feel too happy.
Sharing: it’s one of the most important features of whatsapp where we find much useful information. And the second thing is that we will update with such useful information. The posts will be in text form, picture form or in the form of video.
Group chat: As there are different groups ware created on the whatsapp page where different members are communicating in groups.
Marketing/advertising: This feature is very useful for those people who had online business thy will market their products in such social websites

Such social apps are good for digital marketing where you can advertise your products are blog by sharing your products are blog in such social apps then there will come more traffic in your website.
If this application is not in your device and you want to install it so don’t worry, click on the highlighted link to download this application.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

download facebook for android latest version

Facebook is shareware application software and social website available for free of cost work for unlimited time period. It is widely used for communication many of people are communicate with each other through internet. There are many communicated applications are available on the internet such software’s are called social apps.
Facebook is the most popular social application software it was assigned in 2004. it is not only used for communication but most of the people are advertising their products on the Facebook.
This software is also used for advertisement most of the people are creating different pages on the Facebook where they can advertising their product are their business or about their hotel.
Many professional peoples are sharing their ideas on Facebook and many people are getting knowledge from that good post. So don’t think that it’s wastage of time but you must utilize most of your time on the internet by search different information’s  
Features of Facebook
Messages: it’s the most important feature of Facebook where you can chat some other by text each other, sending images, sending videos, and many other.
Notifications: when somebody like or comment on your post then you will find them in the notification button
Home: where you can find your friends post and new updates
Chat: in the chat button you can find those people who are using Facebook on the same time I.e.  Those who are online at the same time.
Find friend: it’s the button where you can find different people and you may friend them.
Pages:  many of the users are creating pages on the Facebook for marketing their products and advertising their business.
In the short period of time you will sent a message from one place to another without any disturbance. Today billions of people are spending their time on social media. In the same time you see the same incident because of internet.
Many of the people are using Facebook to update with daily practices but most of the people are using Facebook for entertainment some people are using Facebook for time pass. But I will say that according to your thought you will find the same thing on Facebook.
Many useful pages are created on Facebook where people can got good information’s you must use it in a good sense you think that you will find some new information in this social media application software.
Many useful groups ware created on the Facebook where people are sharing educational information. Different groups are related to different jobs and many groups are related to general knowledge.
Here you download and install this application for download press the highlighted download link

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

about Microsoft windows 7 operating system

The Microsoft window is system software. Microsoft windows are used to operate computer hardware. The computer hardware’s are (keyboard, mouse, hard disk, RAM). Computer works according to Microsoft windows software without operating system the computer is idle.
The Microsoft window also provides a platform for application software to perform their task. The Microsoft window 07 is the most popular and the best software used all over the world. Windows 7 was released in 2009.This software is not available free but its price is more than other application software's. This software can be updated through internet.

This software was manufactured by software house. This software is available in different form many of the people are not known about it, less of the people are using the original software but majority are using their copy. This software occupies much space in the hard-disk.

The advantages of this software has the fallowing.

It works for unlimited time period it has no expire date. Its utilization is very fast and it makes computer fresh and effective all the time. It is easy to install and it will be installed in a few minute. This software is supported for all generation of computers and laptop.

 Procedures for Installation of windows

This software is easy to install in PC. Initially insert CD/DVD in the CD/DVD ROOM then switch off your PC, suddenly push the function keys F9, F10, Del, Esc. to open the setup and then follow the given instruction.Finally press the install button it will began to install after a few minutes the installation will complete.

Friday, December 21, 2018

free download Microsoft word for your pc

Microsoft word is the most widely used software in the world. Microsoft word is application software available for free of cost work for limited time period. This software is mostly used in educational field, business field, government institution and as well as individual use. It is used to write articles, stories and preparing letters, preparing application, preparing notices and preparing reports. This software is also used for drawing tables. This software has the following features to create, edit and formatting documents.

Features of Microsoft word
The following features of Microsoft word are as under.

Word wrap

When the users complete the first line by writing words then automatically the courser moves to the next line.


This software also provides a wide range of formatting facilities. The user can easily change its color, background color, size and style of the text. The formatting can be applied on character, word, paragraph or whole pages.


Microsoft word software also provides printing facilities. The user can print their documents to get hard copy. The user can print many pages at a time the pages will print by sequence.

Finding and replace

Finding and replacing is the most important feature. It is used to find a certain mistake in a character, word or phrase in the document. The replace feature is to find the mistake and in the document and replacing it with other.

Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and Grammar is the most features it is used to detect and correct the spelling and the grammatical mistake in the document

Auto Correct

Microsoft word software automatically corrects many commonly missed spelled words. It also automatically makes the first alphabets capital.

                                                                                                                       Microsoft word provides table facilities to organize data. Table is a collection of rows and columns the user can easily draw tables without interrupting the data

Header and footer

Microsoft word also provides the facility to insert headers and footers in a document. Header is the text that appears at the top of each page i.e. date option. Footer is the text that appears at the bottom of each page i.e. page number or company name.


A template is a preformatted document that serves as a model to create new document. It is used to create professional letters memo and report easily.

Mail merge

Mail merge is a process of combining a form letter with the contents of database. It is usually a name and address list. The mail merge feature makes it easy to send the same latter to a list of different people with the correct name and address printed on each letter.

This software is designed for windows and android mobile. This software can be downloaded from the Google play store.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

appslock for android free download latest version

As everyone is afraid that how they can secure their most precious data i.e. pictures messages other official data. There are many techniques to save but an experience man will hack it easily so peoples want to save their data full secure.

The software developer had made a good applock- Gallery lock & lock screen & finger print application software for the user to secure their data. It is not in everyone possible to hake this software.

Application software’s perform a specific task. Different application software’s are use to perform different task. It is shareware software available for free of cost works for unlimited time period. This applock gallery lock & lock screen & finger print software can be transferred from one device to next through data transfer apps.

best features of this applock software are as under:

  •     name              applock_ Gallery Lock & LockScreen & Fingerprint
  •         License          shareware  software
  •         It has version of 2.1.7
  •         Easy  for the user to use
  •         Easy to download and installed
  •         Makes users satisfied because it is not possible to hack
  •         Work for long interval of time
  •        No any expire date of this software

 It is 2.1.7 version software supported for 4.0 versions to above android mobile. This software’s password cannot be hacked. If anyone tries to open the password by pushing the button three times then the mobile will hang. This software is very useful for the user.

This application has the technique that every application can separately lock. This software is best to protect their secrete data. It can be re installed in case of errors now a day it is widely used software for protecting important data. This software is available on the Google play store.

Some related apps are as below:

  1.         Smart applock
  2.         Perfect applock
  3.         Smart launcher 5

This software’s are available on the Google play store.
download it from Google play store.
for download click the highlighted links.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

download antivirus smadav for windows

This is the latest freeware application software available for free of cost to debug virus automatically in computer. It is high version of 12.3 it occupies 4.42 MB (4,636,672 bytes) in the hard disk. This software can be downloaded from the Google play store. This software is designed for the protection of your computer and laptop. Smadav is supported for windows 7, 8, 10.  It is also copy righted free ware software it can be distributed among every computer through USB flesh diver.

This software makes computer fresh all the time. It cannot let any virus inside the computer through USB flesh driver but it cat fully scan the USB flesh driver.  It cannot work for unlimited time period but it work for certain time period and it can be updated regularly. It was established in 2008.
Properties of smadav antivirus
·        Software Name:                 smadav antivirus
·        Latest version:                     12.3
·        License:                                 free ware software
·        Size :                                      1018 bytes (1,018 bytes)
·        Size on hardisk:                  4.00 KB (4,096 bytes)

This software is available in very small size it occupies little capacity on the disk. It cannot interrupt during CPU process but it also also gives the facility to the CPU for high execution. This software can be downloaded from Google play store. It is easy to download and to install their setup. 

online earning software[blogger]

Blogger is software where you can easily create your own blog. Millions of users are creating blog every day for earning money ones it r...